BigHit denies BTS RM’s marriage swiftly, brings V and Blackpink Jennie dating report to light

BigHit denies BTS RM's marriage swiftly, brings V and Blackpink Jennie dating report to light
BigHit denies BTS RM's marriage swiftly, brings V and Blackpink Jennie dating report to light

Followers assume the dating report holds true or V and Jennie are being used to sidetrack with Le Sserafim’s Garam’s bullying case

It appears to be dating report period in K-pop and BTS as well as Blackpink can not appear to leave. After BTS’ V and also Jennie were connected, J-hope as well as Rosé were rumored to be dating. It was followed by absurd suppositions that Jin may be wed. As well as a number of days later, we had a YouTube video clip claiming that RM was readied to wed. Fans have taken it all in stride and also are making memes as well as joking concerning it. As well as while a lot of recognize not to take dating reports seriously unless verified, BTS’ tag, BigHit’s most recent statement has made followers dubious.

Even Korean fans claimed that it was not a large offer as the YouTube channel often spreads out false rumors with BTS’ V sharing that he would certainly be suing the proprietor in the past. With it taking evidently no initiative to launch a short denying statement, followers are now asking yourself why BigHit did not reject V and also Blackpink Jennie’s dating rumor.


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BigHit’s discerning rejection places the limelight on Jennie as well as V

With the dating rumor first popping up, both V and Jennie were sent enormous hate. BigHit that simply proved that they refute all incorrect dating rumors, as evident with V dating an heiress as well as RM’s marital relationship being shut down instantly, has stayed quiet.

Followers are theorising that if the dating rumor between Jennie and also V were false, both tags would certainly have rejected it especially given that the whole net recognizes the cyber bullying that occurs when a K-pop idolizer attempts to day. There is likewise another conspiracy concept making the rounds that BigHit’s parent firm HYBE has actually joined YG to deflect the interest from Le Sserafim’s Kim Garam for something.


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HYBE’s most recent woman group has actually been turning go to the incorrect reason as member Garam has actually been charged of institution bullying, assaulting trainees and getting the highest degree of punishment from the institution violence committee. Fans think nepotism could be entailed or that she has some effective get in touches with as HYBE is not going to drop her. Therefore fans assume the tag is staying silent on V’s dating rumor with Jennie to maintain the interest on them instead of Le Sserafim.

‘ Is it real or exists something else’

One follower made sure that something was up between HYBE and also YG, “I already told you that whatever about Tae and Jennie is established by their firms ??? Right?? HYBE was extremely quick they promoted RM but for Tae …” Similarly, one wondered, “Is it true or exists another thing taking place? If there was absolutely nothing, they would probably refute it like this. For [ V] they are completely silent.” An additional hinted, “See? KNOW HOW TO DENY FALSE NEWS IF YOU HEARD NOTHING, THEN THINK!”.

One tried to think why HYBE was silent, “They don’t reject nor verify reports including various other idols, just reacts when it involves personal individuals.


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