BlockBerry Creative denies reports of Loona’s Chuu exiting label, threatens to file defamation lawsuit

BlockBerry Creative denies reports of Loona's Chuu exiting label, threatens to file defamation lawsuit
BlockBerry Creative denies reports of Loona's Chuu exiting label, threatens to file defamation lawsuit

The tag BlockBerry Creative endangers a legal action against false reports of Loona’s Chuu leaving the tag over persecution claims

Being so prominent even prior to her debut, Chuu appeared to be functioning very hard to attain the success she has in her career but it appears like the rumors regarding Chuu having a tiff with her label BlockBerry Creative are still ongoing. Over the last few years, Chuu’s firm has been under fire for maltreating the Loona member.

Back in 2021, it was announced that Loona’s Chuu had submitted a legal action against her tag, Blockberry Creative, after she was being exhausted by being made to occupy several television shows as well as solo events. This was thought to be since the tag, which was going bankrupt, was counting on Chuu’s solo gigs to survive. After the suit was submitted, future records recommended that Chuu obtained partial triumph over her lawsuit against her tag. It was mentioned that Chuu can select the activities she would love to join after a particular stipulation from her unique contract with Loona’s label was ended.

Not just that but last month it was mentioned that Chuu would certainly sit out the woman team’s future performance following their resurgence with ‘Flip That’ leaving fans worried concerning just how the tag was handling Chuu.

BlockBerry Creative shares a statement concerning Loona’s Chuu.

Days earlier, a great deal of news reports affirmed that Chuu was suing her label a 2nd time which she was ultimately parting means with BlockBerry Creative and also would certainly be taking her tag to court a 2nd time over mistreatment. It looks like there is a whole lot even more to the story as BlockBerry Creative ultimately clears out the confusion with their latest statement. Late in the day of June 23, BlockBerry Creative, the label that handles the activities of Loona along with Chuu released their main declaration pertaining to the reports of Chuu moving to a brand-new label after reports assert that she was being mistreated.

The tag mentioned that Chuu was an active part of the group’s current comeback with ‘Flip That’ and also pointed out just how each one of the Loona members relied on each other and also functioned as one. BlockBerry Creative attended to the concerns that had lately been emerging online entailing Chuu taking the label to court due to “unfair treatment” after a record affirmed that all participants but Chuu’s profile images were changed on the label’s web site.

Not only that however chats from a supposed BlockBerry Creative worker dripped online asserting that the tag was allowing Chuu head out on her solo schedules all by herself by not assigning her a manager. Numerous other reports additionally asserted that Chuu was going to carry on to a different tag for her future tasks intensifying to popular fire.

Chuu’s tag denies all rumors including persecution cases

The label now refutes all the allegations versus BlockBerry Creative stating that all the reports are false. The label’s official declaration said, “The details pertaining to Loona participant Chuu is groundless.” They added that the report were misinforming fans and also the public although there was no official position from the company or the private member – in this case – Chuu.

The label after that went on to endanger the reports mentioning, “We will proactively respond to unofficial web content or unilateral short articles and also remarks that harm the track record of the firm as well as its participants.” Adhering to that, BlockBerry Creative specified that they would be currently focussing on Loona’s upcoming summer season special mini album ‘Flip That’.

The tag likewise added that they will be taking solid actions with no lax penalty for destructive messages as well as comments. On the other hand, Loona just recently made a summer comeback with their mini-album on June 20.

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