BTS J-Hope hints at singles return in their Weavers interview, fans say: ‘Hope World 2’

BTS J-Hope hints at singles return in their Weavers interview, fans say: 'Hope World 2'
BTS J-Hope hints at singles return in their Weavers interview, fans say: 'Hope World 2'

BTS followers ask yourself if J-Hope will certainly drop his 2nd mixtape ‘Hope World 2’ after his current meeting with the Weverse Magazine

BTS has finally broken the records with ‘Proof’ as well as its lead single ‘Yet To Come’ which was released with a video on June 10. Now, 3 days since, the boy team is commemorating its nine anniversary because its debut. When BTS made its debut in the music industry back in 2013, each member of the Big Hit Entertainment (currently Big Hit Music/HYBE) child team adapted to a function that was set for them and also like the other BTS members’ corresponding roles like being the oldest, youngest, leader, etc. of BTS, J-Hope was called the sunshine of the group because of his chirpy character.

Fans that have seen J-Hope (Jung Hoseok/Hobi) over the years can attest that the always pleasant rapper most likely does not have good days throughout the year but places on a satisfied face just for audiences. In a meeting with BTS’ tag HYBE’s fanbase system Weverse, the ‘Hopeworld’ vocalist obtained honest about the challenges he typically deals with and just how he overcomes them with his cheery attitude. All HYBE teams generally release a meeting with the platform Weverse Magazine following their return or launching as well as now one for BTS’ ‘Proof’ has actually been released on the system, beginning with J-Hope.

J-Hope teases new music revealing his dark and also raw side

In his interview that was launched with Weverse Magazine on June 13, BTS’ J-Hope was asked inquiries regarding his current comeback with the boy team’s very first compilation album ‘Proof’ in addition to questions regarding J-Hope’s personal life. In one specific inquiry, the magazine asks J-Hope concerning just how he has progressively altered as a specific artist since he initially debuted with BTS. The rapper said, “I typically present myself with a warm demeanor. I have a strong need to show a various side of me. I personally challenged myself to do that in my current projects. I wanted to reveal an extremely dark, raw side.”

The rapper explained that over his last couple of years in the K-pop market, the stories he has actually told with his solo songs have actually been very restricted where he just revealed fans the side of him that was already seen by them publicly via his actions. J-Hope made clear that if he wants to reveal fans the brand-new adjustments that have occurred in his life over the years, he would certainly need to adjust and his songs will certainly have to be darker. He says, “It’s something I’ve never ever done before, so I was thrilled to try something brand-new. I was heavily influenced by what my heart was informing me, and that’s why I determined to give it a try.”

He included, “I wanted to look back on points, like how I’ve lived and the kind of emotional shadow my hidden side casts. On the other hand, J-Hope will certainly be headlining his very first solo event aside from BTS’ team ventures for the American music event Lollapalooza in August 2022.

‘ Hopeworld 2 is coming’

Followers of J-Hope are applauding the rapper for being positive enough to reveal them his vulnerability and have actually currently begun harping to the tune of a dark, raw, and also emotional Hobi (J-Hope). With his brand-new revelation, fans are certain that a brand-new mixtape or his very first solo album will be following for the BTS participant before his very first solo music event gig this August.

Another fan claimed, “Hoseok wants to show a different side of him, various than his common sunny disposition. An incredibly dark, raw side. Discussed these track coming out later on showing a different design of him !! OMG CAN’T WAIT FOR HOPE WORLD 2. IT’S GON NA BE SO GOOD.”

One fan stated, “So it will not precisely be a “Hope World 2″ … oh, I can’t wait to see what his following mixtape will certainly be as well as what sides he selects to show as well as share, as well as exactly how.” One follower materialized, “HOPE WORLD 2 IS F * KING COMING.”

One more fan claimed, “HOPE WORLD 2 is going to be gritty and also so raw … It’s easy to watch him as this sunshine individuality that I believe people don’t always reach see those darker, extra sandy midsts to him that he takes into his virtuosity. I’m personally so fired up for the globe to see Hobi beam as Hoseok.”

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