Dr. Chun Kang Dong-won: “I saw real ghosts. What’s the scariest?”

Kang Dong-won mentioned what he fears most, along with a horrible anecdote about observing a ghost.

On the 3rd, I said through the monotube, “Do you know Dr. Chen? Kang Dong-won Surprise LIVE’ video has been posted.

On that day, Kang Dong-won commented on the “heart” shot that went viral online and took a photo with the actual “heart” belongings in a solo photoshoot. Kang Dong-won then said, “What should I do if I have different hearts these days? I was embarrassed that Haja took the heart.”
He said, “I didn’t tell anyone, so no one knew, I gave it to Sohee to listen to and she didn’t listen.”

In addition, Kang Dong-won will be featured in the film “Dr. Chun Exorcism Laboratory: The Secret of the Snow Scene,” which will be released in theaters on September 27. “Dr. Chun Exorcism Laboratory: The Secret of the Snow Scene” tells the story of “Dr. Chun” (Kang Dong-won), a false exorcist who doesn’t believe in ghosts but has ghostly insights when he is tasked with performing a powerful event he has never experienced before.

When asked about ghosts in this regard, Kang Dong-won said: “I once had a strange experience, I checked into a hotel abroad, and I vividly remember that I was so scared because a man in red armor was sitting in the hotel room.”

When asked what the real Kang Dong-won was afraid of, he laughed and said, “The scariest thing is that the movie is ruined, and the scariest thing is not the movie.” Regarding this film, he actively promoted it, saying: “The film will not be scary, it will be exciting, it will be fun.”

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