Hiki, ‘Seoul’ has made a global catch..”‘ Flood of requests to ‘turn off the fire’ East Sea also live.”

The group H1-KEY sang about the beauty of Seoul.

Hiki (Seoi, Riina, Hüseo, Yel) appeared on SBS’s “Kangayo” show this (3rd) afternoon, performing a comeback performance of “Seoul (Such a Beautiful City)”, the double title track of her second mini-album “Seoul Dreaming”.

That day, Hiki enthusiastically sang the addictive “SEOUL” with a radiant smile and refreshing images that seemed to light up the real Seoul. As hipsters roamed the city, Hickey added to the fun of watching with unique and funny patterned outfits, attracting attention with his colorful charm.

Especially when he sang about his dreams in Seoul, where hope and despair, joy and sorrow constantly intersect, he radiated hope and positive energy, bringing healing to fans around the world.

Immediately after its release on the 30th of last month, “Seoul Dreaming” entered the iTunes and Apple Music top album charts in seven countries, including Singapore, Mexico, Brazil, Canada and Thailand, proving its title as a “Hi-Key to Trust and Listen to”. The other pre-release title track, “Don’t Turn Off the Lights”, was well received by listeners worldwide and reached the top 100 real-time music charts in Korea immediately after its release. As a result, fans are inundated with requests to perform East Sea’s “Don’t Turn Off the Lights.”

On the other hand, SBS’ “Popular Gayo,” which aired today, featured appearances by LIMELIGHT, VANNER, BAEKHO, STAYC, cignature, xikers, EVERGLOW, NCT U, n.SSign, YERIN, Lee Chan-won, ITZY, Jeon So-mi, tripleS LOVElution, Primrose, and HYO.

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