How do Jungkook’s tattoos look now? BTS star adds new ink and flaunts colorful tats

How do Jungkook's tattoos look now? BTS star adds new ink and flaunts colorful tats
How do Jungkook's tattoos look now? BTS star adds new ink and flaunts colorful tats

Jungkook gets a ‘7’ number tattoo to honor BTS’ ‘relationship tattoo’ deal as well as includes more colored decorations to his right sleeve

On one hand, the child team BTS is breaking brand-new documents with their return album, ‘Proof’ which was launched with an overall of 45 tracks on June 10. On the various other, followers appear a whole new side to BTS for their Chapter 2. Nine years after their launching in 2013, BTS members released their nine anniversary Festa live video clip in which they disclosed that all the cds that were launched by the young boy team approximately their 2022 launch ‘Proof’ will certainly be BTS’ Chapter 1.

With this, BTS participants guaranteed that in Chapter 2, the boy team would certainly be focusing more on their solo debuts along with some team activities like ‘Run BTS’ broadcasts. As quickly as the announcement was made, followers started questioning what the brand-new chapter of BTS would certainly entail. Fans made sure that going forward, BTS was mosting likely to wander off from their ‘good kid’ photo in the industry and also focus on revealing their raw, unedited as well as more daring selves. With each other, participants placed an end to BTS’ Chapter 1 by getting coordinating friendship tattoos All seven BTS participants promised to go obtain the number ‘7’ tattooed on their bodies.

Maknae Jungkook’s new tattoos.

J-Hope adhered to fit by publishing a photo of his calf tattoo with the number ‘7’ and after that V (Kim Taehyung) published a photo of his tattoo on his Instagram story (though some ARMYs thought it was drawn on with a con artist). Fans spotted Jimin’s tattoo on his finger/palm location while Jungkook mentioned that Jin had actually currently gotten his tattoo on the back of his ribs in his real-time stream as well as mentioned that he was quickly going to obtain one as well.

The tattoo musician that Jungkook went to in order to make the ‘7’ tattoo posted a collection of pictures featuring the BTS maknae on his Instagram account that revealed that Jungkook had gotten the tattoo to match BTS members on the back of his ear. Now following this, Suga is the only BTS participant to tell fans about his relationship tattoo alongside Jin as the two oldest BTS participants will certainly be the last two to reveal their own.

Jungkook upgrades his sleeve tattoo

The relationship tattoo for BTS was not the only body art that Jungkook got from his tattoo appointment over the last weekend. The message from the tattoo artist disclosed that Jungkook had upgraded his sleeve tattoo with the same Seoul-based tattoo musician named Polyc SJ.

Jungkook initial surprised followers by getting a new tattoo back in 2019 which the vocalist had at first maintained hidden from fans. With time, the public belief towards Jungkook’s tattoos began to change and the singer ultimately flaunted his complete sleeve tattoos for followers to see during current concerts. As the tattoo artist just published sections of Jungkook’s sleeve tattoo online, fans started reimaging the changed version of the BTS participant’s body art as one ARMY shared a follower art for other BTS followers to enjoy.

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