Lee Seung-gi’s side said, “Don’t ignore the Korean people. I need to adjust my physical condition for the performance”

Singer Lee Seung Gi is in the middle of his first U.S. tour and has cleared up the fanservice controversy that has erupted from some sides.

Lee Seung Gi has already hinted that he will be holding a US tour in August and September called “Walking the Boy Road – Chapter 2”. It has been announced that they will start on August 26 in Los Angeles (LA), on August 30 in Atlanta and on September 2 in New York, raising the expectations of local fans.

Since the Atlanta performance on the 30th of last month, the Atlanta Korea Times claimed that complaints about Lee Seung-gi’s fanservice were made along with the news of Lee Seung-gi’s performance on the 1st. According to reports, after arriving in Atlanta on the 28th of last month, Lee Seung Gi canceled his planned visit to a restaurant operated by Gyomin, the show’s sponsor.

In response, Lee Seung-gi’s agency Human Made OSEN said on the 3rd: “It is true that the visit to the Korean citizen’s restaurant was negotiated verbally, but we have said that we will cooperate.”

He continued, “When we moved to Atlanta after the show in LA, we also ran into a hurricane, and our arrival time at the airport was delayed. I arrived after 10pm and couldn’t visit the venue due to the artist’s physical condition,” he said, adding, “I had to adjust my condition for the performance. It’s nice to visit the Korean folk restaurant, but I thought the crowd should come first. We have asked those affected for their understanding.”

Regarding the cancellation of the Sept. 2 show in New York, he said, “It’s up to the circumstances of the local venue.”

Lee Seung Gi, on the other hand, has been conducting the Asian tour concert “Walking the Boy Road – Chapter 2” since May. Starting with the show in Seoul, they performed in Tokyo and Osaka in Japan, Taipei in Taiwan, Manila in the Philippines, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Singapore, and Jakarta in Indonesia.

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