Netflix K-drama review: Remarriage & Desires – matchmaking melodrama starring Kim Hee-seon and also Lee Hyun-wook is slick enough, but lacks fireworks

Netflix K-drama review: Remarriage & Desires – matchmaking melodrama starring Kim Hee-seon and also Lee Hyun-wook is slick enough, but lacks fireworks
Netflix K-drama review: Remarriage & Desires – matchmaking melodrama starring Kim Hee-seon and also Lee Hyun-wook is slick enough, but lacks fireworks

This brand-new Netflix melodrama regarding matchmaking with rich bachelors is slow-moving to begin, and only locates its groove in the final 2 episodes

The similarities with K-drama The Penthouse stand out, yet whereas Penthouse welcomes its absurdity, Remarriage attempts as well tough to exude grace as well as fails

Matchmaking allows organization in South Korea. Organized marital relationships were long usual practice, and also while that has changed, even today blind dates arranged by buddies, family members and also colleagues are a large part of the nation’s social tapestry.
Finding a companion can be complicated with the busy Korean way of living, but the function of matchmaking is truly to discover someone with the right household, work as well as scholastic background.
Adverts for the country’s leading matchmaking companies can be seen smudged over Seoul’s subways and buses, but Rex, the prominent matchmaking service at the heart of the new Netflix collection Remarriage & Desires, doesn’t resort to such fundamental promotional methods.

Netflix is understood for mining fantasy and dystopia for its original Korean offerings, yet its most recent title locates it diving right into the soapy depths of high-society melodrama, long the bastion of terrestrial Korean broadcasters.

The manufacturing is a touch slicker and also the tale only goes to eight episodes (these stories typically have 16 to 20 episodes), yet besides that the program has all the hallmarks of prime-time makjang (Korean soap operas): haute couture, reduced morals, poisonous social climbers and also a lot of systemic corruption.

Going back to screens rapidly after Tomorrow, Kim Hee-seon leads the cast, which likewise includes Mine’s Lee Hyun-wook, Taxi Driver’s Cha Ji-yeon, Park Hoon of the K-horror Midnight and also Snowdrop starlet Jung Eugene.
Servicing just one of the most exclusive solitary clients in the country, Rex is a matchmaking firm ran under the imperious gaze of Choi Yoo-sun (Cha Ji-yeon), the company’s reputable and stylish CEO. The most affordable consultation at Rex will certainly cost you 10 million won (US$ 7,600), but if you wish to get into the top tiers, you’ll require to hand over a whole lot more than that.
The top course is the Black Tier, which comprises only the nation’s richest bachelors. These are the top prizes for the most ambitious ladies in culture, and you will not locate anyone much more enthusiastic than Jin Yoo-hui (Jung Eugene), a legal representative who has actually established her sights on Lee Hyung-ju (Lee Hyun-wook), the CEO of computer game powerhouse Hibull as well as the 30th wealthiest person in the nation.

On the other hand we have single widow and educator Seo Hye-seung (Kim Hee-seon), whose mother has authorized her up at Rex versus her wishes– she has no purpose of obtaining remarried. Forced to end up being a customer at Rex is professor Cha Seok-jin (Park Hoon), son of the ailing Rex chairman, Cha Yong-hwan (Jang Gwang), Yoo-sung’s hubby of 15 years.

Previous high society melodramas like The Penthouse and also SKY Castle had a lot of their personalities sharing the same real estate, but Remarriage & Desires disregards that, providing most of the characters substantial personal links even before they meet each other once more at Rex.

The inmost and darkest of those connections belongs to polar revers Hye-seung as well as Yoo-hui.
Hye-seung’s lawyer husband, Kang Nam-sik (Kwon Hyuk), has had an event with Yoo-hui, his coworker. He walks out on Hye-seung, requesting for a separation, yet before he knows it Yoo-hui has utilized him to hide her embezzlement and accuses him of rape. At the end of his secure, Nam-sik ends his life, leaving a bereaved household behind.
Yoo-hui’s phenomenal villainy is additionally her Achilles’ heel. She not only dedicates terrible acts to sate her greed, yet she additionally relish inflicting individual discomfort.
Hye-seung goes to Rex to get a reimbursement for her costly examination, but when she run across Yoo-hui, her still shedding rage creates her to unexpectedly alter her mind, setting both on a damaging course.

For a program that’s less than half the length of other primetime soaps, what’s quickly apparent about Remarriage & Desires is just how slow-moving the accumulation of the tale is as well as just how listless it remains till the final couple of episodes, where it ultimately discovers its groove.
Numerous Korean soaps have a tendency to drive in the direction of explosive orgasms however that generally doesn’t prevent fireworks earlier on. In Remarriage & Desires though, all we get is an elegant masquerade ball.
The other hit reveals this Netflix series appears like consist of The World of the Married as well as Mine (not least because they share Lee Hyun-wook), yet it’s hard not to tremble Remarriage’s similarities with The Penthouse– which are particularly striking.
The rivalry between the constantly victimised Hye-seung as well as vicious Yoo-hui remembers the famous fights between Oh Yoon-hee and Cheon Seo-jin in that series.

The huge distinction between both is that while The Penthouse was deliberately sonant and also ridiculous, Remarriage & Desires tries to be much more glossy as well as major. The auto mechanics of the story stay ludicrous, so up until it embraces increased soap opera disorder in its last stretch, the program isn’t anywhere near as enjoyable as it need to be.
Amongst the cast, Jung Eugene stands out for her distribution of cold, computing evil. Amongst the staff it is the promising cinematographer Jo Yeonsoo– a B camera driver on the gorgeous Pachinko– who attracts notice for his smooth camerawork.
No doubt Remarriage & Desires has its satisfaction, yet its half-baked second period tease is not likely to have several desiring for an additional journey down the aisle.

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