Son Ye-jin Biography | Facts, Childhood, Family Life & Achievements of South Korean Actress

Son Ye-jin
Son Ye-jin
Profession: Actress
Birthday: 11 January 1982
Age: 40 years old
Country: South Korea
Height: 5’5″ (165 cm), 5’5″
City: Suseong District, Daegu, South Korea
Gender: Female
Last Upgraded: 2022

Son Ye-jin

Son Ye-jin is a South Korean actress whose movies as well as television collection have acquired amazing popularity in South Korea, China and Japan, given that 2006. She began her acting career in 2000 with a role in a movie titled ‘Secret Tears’. In 2003, she obtained an additional significant duty in theromantic film ‘The Classic’.

Childhood & Early Life

Child was born upon 11th January, 1982 in Suseong District, Daegu, South Korea.

Film Career

  • In 2002, Son included as Shim Soo-in, the love interest of Lee Ji-hwan in the enchanting flick ‘Lover’s Concerto’ which handles complicated issues in bonding, jealousy and friendship.
  • In 2003, she carried out as Ji-hye that (while tidying up your house) acquires a box of letters that deal with her mom’s decade old relationship in the film ‘The Classic’.
  • Next, she appeared in the 2004 film ‘A Moment to keep in mind’ which manages the impact Alzheimer’s disease has on a conjugal relationship as well as the worry of animpending loss because of it.
  • In 2005, she played the role of a scam artist called Han Ji-won who tries phony dating tricks on Min-jun in the movie ‘The Art of Seduction’.
  • In 2007, she did a voice over for the lead character Yobi in the computer animation movie ‘Yobi: The Five Tail Fox’.
  • In 2008, she worked as Baek Jang Mi, the leader of a gang that policeman Jo Dae-Yeong tries to track in the film ‘Open City’.
  • In the exact same year, she played the function of the major lead character Joo In-ah in the film ‘My Wife Got Married’. In the movie, In-ah, wed to a previous coworker after an enthusiastic partnership, shares her need to wed one more man.
  • She did a murder mystery movie labelled ‘White Night’ in 2009. It was the Korean variation of the Japanese movie ‘Into the White Night’.
  • In 2011, Son played the duty of Kang Yeo-ri, that can see ghosts in the South Korean horror charming funny film ‘Spellbound’.
  • In 2012, she reached play a leading role in a calamity thriller film titled ‘The Tower’. Its plot revolves around a deluxe skyscraper, which ison fire in Central Seoul on Christmas eve.
  • In 2013, she obtained an essential duty in the movie ‘Blood and Ties’. She played the role of a budding reporter that suspects her amative father, whom she thinks could be the culprit behind a fifteen years of age kidnap-murder situation.
  • Even more in 2014, she functioned as among the bandits in the South Korean duration adventure film ‘The Pirates’.
  • In 2016, she executed as Princess Deokhye, the last princess of the Joseon Dynasty in the flick ‘Last Princess’. The movie depicts her life in Japan after she was forcefully relocated from Korea by the Imperial Japanese Government and also her efforts to go back to Korea.
  • At present she is operating in 2 films labelled ‘Negotiation’ and also ‘Now I Will Meet You’ which are slated to be launched in 2018.

Television Series

  • After being successful in the television series ‘Delicious Proposal’, she acted in the series ‘Alone in Love’ in which the tale focuses on 2 ordinary people as they continue their connection even after their separation.
  • She played among the press reporters in the television collection ‘Spotlight’ in 2008. This collection focuses on the globe of tv news and also specialist as well as personal lives of 4 press reporters. In 2010, she played the function of a kind as well as spontaneous furnishings designer named Park Kae-in that stays in with Jeon Ji-ho, presuming that he is a gay.
  • Son following did a cameo in a television collection entitled ‘Secret Garden’ in 2011 and in 2013 she appeared in the South Korean tv series ‘Don’t Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus’.

Awards & Achievements

  • She obtained global recognition for her film ‘Chi-hwa-seon’. This movie was screened at the Cannes celebration and also won the most effective Director Award.
  • Son won the MBC Drama Awards as Best New Actress for both ‘Delicious Proposal’ and ‘Sun-hee as well as Jin-Lee’ in 2001.
  • In 2002, she won the 22nd Korean Association of Film Critics Awards as Best New Actress for ‘Lover’s Concerto’.
  • In the exact same year, she was the champion of the 39th Baeksang Arts Award for Best New Actress for the movie ‘The Classic’ and then in 2004 she won the 40th Grand Bell Awards’ Popularity Award in addition to Best New Actress for the very same film. In 2004, she won the 9th Moscow International Love Film Award as Best Couple together with Jo Seung-woo.
  • She won the 15th China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flower’s Film Festival’s Best Actress Awardfor the film ‘A Moment to keep in mind’ in 2006. In 2007, she won the Baeksang Arts Awards’ Best Actress Award for the film ‘Alone in Love’.
  • She won the 29th Blue Dragon Films Award as Popular Star and Best Actress for the movie ‘My Wife Got Married’ in 2008. In the very same year, she likewise won the 4th University Film Festival Korea’s Best Actress and also the Korean Film Awards’ Best Actress for the same film.
  • In 2010, Son won the 48th Baeksang Arts Award as Best Actress for the film ‘Spellbound’ and in 2014 she won the 51st Grand Bell Award as Best Actress for the movie ‘The Pirates’.
  • Child won the Buil Film Festival Best Actress Award for the film ‘Truth Beneath’ and also the 37th Blue Dragon Film Award as Best Actress for the film ‘The Last Princess’ in 2015.
  • In 2016, she won the 17th Busan Film Critics Award as Best Actress for the film ‘The Truth Beneath’ and in 2017 she won the 53rd Baeksang Arts Award as Best Actress for the movie ‘The Last Princess’. She also won the 22nd Chunsa Film Art Award for ‘The Truth Beneath’.


Her approximated net-worth is around $20 million.

Personal Life

She is said to have actually dated her ‘Pirates’ co-star Kim Nam Gil, but the rumor died down later on. She desired to obtain married by 34 yet she has not satisfied the guy of her desires.

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