TOP SOLO ACT JUNGKOOK: Fans congratulate the BTS maknae for the success of ‘Left and also Right’

TOP SOLO ACT JUNGKOOK: Fans congratulate the BTS maknae for the success of 'Left and also Right'
TOP SOLO ACT JUNGKOOK: Fans congratulate the BTS maknae for the success of 'Left and also Right'

Followers trend ‘Top Solo Act Jungkook’ on Twitter to commemorate the success of Jungkook’s collective solitary with American vocalist Charlie Puth

BTS Jungkook is truly the golden maknae of the kid team as the name given to him by members and fans suggests and also his current achievements are proof of why he is among the ‘Top Solo Acts’ from South Korea. Simply days after BTS released their first anthology cd ‘Proof’ on June 10, it was introduced that the members were mosting likely to take a respite from team tasks. Followers were initially saddened but when BTS members revealed that it did not imply the end and that participants would certainly be making their solo debuts, followers were extremely delighted.

Not long after that revelation, Jungkook, the youngest participant, came to be the first from the team to launch a solitary outdoors BTS team activities. On June 24, Jungkook included in American singer Charlie Puth’s most recent single ‘Left and also Right,’ and the song has actually currently damaged a number of records in simply 10 days. The solitary ‘Left as well as Right’ is an English track that was launched with a video that has currently exceeded 78 million sights on YouTube.

Jungkook breaks new documents around the world with ‘Left and also Right’

As the video proceeds, Jungkook, in a different area, verifies the same feelings that Charlie shares only for it to be revealed that Jungkook is only in Charlie’s mind. BTS fans enjoyed the idea along with Jungkook’s lovely vocals and charming acting skills while the single came to be a chart-topping hit.

Jungkook additionally verified the grandeur of his international vocals by breaking the ‘ideal’ and also ‘shortest’ documents on Spotify. The solitary ‘Left and also Right’ feat Jungkook came to be the fastest track by a K-pop and also oriental musician to accomplish 10 million unfiltered streams on Spotify 2 days after its release.

Jungkook also extended his own document by coming to be the fastest Korean musician to strike 20 million unfiltered streams in 4 days, 30 million unfiltered streams in 6 days, 40 million unfiltered streams in 8 days, and also now 50 million unfiltered streams in 10 days. ‘Left and Right’ covered the US Top Song Weekly Chart from June 24 to 26, in addition to the Top Song Weekly Chart in Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Taiwan among other countries.

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