‘Treasure is 12’: YG slammed for editing Yedame and Mashiho on hiatus

'Treasure is 12': YG slammed for editing Yedame and Mashiho on hiatus
'Treasure is 12': YG slammed for editing Yedame and Mashiho on hiatus

Bang Yedam and also Mashiho have taken place a temporary respite with Treasure currently promoting with 10 participants

Fans were first impressed as YG Entertainment shared that they supported Mashiho as well as Bang Yedam’s decisions to go on hiatus. While the young boy group initially had 12 members, for the time being, they would certainly be advertising as 10 members as Mashiho and Yedam went on a hiatus.

And also while fans were discouraged that Yedam and Mashiho would not be component of Treasure’s wedding anniversary parties, they understood the two members’ reasoning to go on respite. YG’s newest images for the wedding anniversary in which they have purportedly modified out Yedam as well as Mashiho have not gone well over with followers.

Treasure’s Yedam and Mashiho modified out

Fans had hoped that despite Yedam as well as Mashiho going on respite they would certainly be included in the group’s commemorative blog posts. YG has left out Yedam and Mashiho from pictures as old as 2021.

YG uploaded selfies and also team shots of Treasure throughout the 2021 summer camp, nonetheless, Mashiho and also Yedam were not seen. In the team pictures, the two have actually been edited out as there sufficed Photoshop errors that even amateurs could find them. The editor had actually neglected to modify out Yedam’s footwear as well as the history where he was standing was blurred. On the other hand, Mashiho is merely chopped out of the group shots.

This has caused followers creating an uproar as they questioned why YG was getting rid of 2 participants who had actually merely gone on hiatus. In the past, a number of groups have seen their members going on respite like TWICE’s Jeongyeon or Ateez’s Mingi but they had not been removed from old material.

‘ It’s not like they permanently l3ft’

Followers have actually taken to trending ‘Treasure Is 12’ as they revealed their displeasure. An additional was angry, “Yg attempting their best to modify mashiho as well as yedam out however they failed to remember to eliminate this footwear.

One fan asked, “Why the heck @ygent_official would you crop out shiho as well as yedam when they just went on respite? One fan commented, “Mashiho as well as Yedam likewise put a lot of effort right into this image shoot. Prize is 12.”

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