Where is SNSD? Girls’ Generation fans upset as no more information of August comeback

Where is SNSD? Girls’ Generation fans upset as no more information of August comeback
Where is SNSD? Girls’ Generation fans upset as no more information of August comeback

The leading second-gen K-pop group are set to rejoin after 5 years for their 15th debut anniversary but there has actually been no promo for it

Fans mored than the moon when it was announced that the legendary second-gen woman group Girls’ Generation also known as SNSD would be returning after 5 years. They were one of the leading K-pop teams of the 2010s and also part of the Hallyu Wave that spread to the West. Regrettably, followers did not know that their hit album ‘Holiday Night’ in 2017 would be the last time that they would certainly be seeing the girls. The group took place an informal hiatus for an undefined factor with a few of the members also leaving the tag SM Entertainment.

SONEs (SNSD’s fandom) were initial talented with a selection show look in 2021 when Girls’ Generation rejoined for their 14th debut anniversary on ‘Yoo Quiz On The Block’. Fans are distressed that Girls’ Generation is not obtaining the treatment they are worthy of for their reunion comeback.

Ladies’ Generation’s return confirmed for August

Back in May, Girls’ Generation verified that they would be rejoining as well as having a proper K-pop return. Since then, the only information that we have gotten about it has been from the women themselves from YoonA sharing that they had begun tape-recording and that it would be a correct unabridged cd. Part of the charm of a K-pop resurgence includes teasers, concept photos, looters of the cd, music program stages, interviews and also even more. And so followers have actually been waiting for the very first step of the comeback that includes pre-order links as well as principle images however to no avail. They also knocked SM for not also doing the bare minimum to promote ‘Soshi Tam Tam’.

‘ SM actually do not care’

Irritated followers started trending ‘Where is SNSD’s teaser’ on July 17 and also continued to do so by spamming SM’s social media accounts. With SM eclipsing participant Hyoyeon’s resurgence with the SNSD news, one follower stated, “IKR? As well as currently, we in the middle of July, still no news of SNSD return details like where the heck is pre-order, launch date and so on?

One more was angry, “No return date, no preorder links, no teasers. literally no information concerning snsd’s resurgence. you’re not also uploading soshi tamtam like what the f ** k.” One SONE commented, “Abt to dedicate a criminal offense bc where the heck are the teasers for SNSD’s return …” Another made a response meme, “Sones at 12am kst rejuvenating snsd’s official account to find definitely nothing much like every other day for the past 2 months.”

One wondered, “SNSD’s return must be on aug 2023 and not 2022 … Where is the f * kingg teasers !!!” Another SONE included, “Sf ** kingM Where is snsd intros as well as pre order web links? They are the legendary teams of you as well as kpop as well as you selected to treat them this SH!T? They are entitled to so much more than this!!! This is their 15th anniversary & 1st cb after 5yrs.”

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