World star Lee Jung-jae captivates ‘The Hunt’ Premiere Fevers

Lee Jung-jae visited Japan on August 31 before the Japanese release of his first film “Hunt”.

On that day, Lee Jung-jae held a press conference at the Tijoy Prince Shinagawa Theater in Tokyo. About 100 journalists from major Japanese media outlets attended the press conference on Lee Jung-jae’s visit to Japan and were very enthusiastic about the report.

Japanese media reported that “Lee Jung-jae, the international star of ‘Squid Game,’ visited Japan through the movie ‘Hunt,'” proving the keen interest in Lee Jung-jae.

When asked by a reporter about his role as a director in “The Hunt,” Lee Jung-jae said, “When I was just working as an actor, I just had to focus on the character, but as a director, I had to check different things. So it was different in a lot of ways than it was when I was an actor.”

Regarding the fact that “The Hunt” garnered worldwide attention by being invited to major international film festivals around the world such as Cannes and Toronto, he said, “The theme and message I wanted to convey through the film was conveyed to audiences around the world, so I had a strong desire to communicate about this work. Being invited to film festivals abroad allowed me to talk to more people, and I felt really good that I made this film.”

Following the press conference, Lee Jung-jae attended the premiere event with a Japanese audience. Lee Jung-jae, who was greeted with “Hello” in Japanese, had time to interact with the local fans by talking about the story behind “The Hunt” as well as his current situation.

Lee Jung-jae said: “I’m looking forward to meeting my fans in person. Thank you very much” and received a lot of applause for his friendly fan service.

Meanwhile, Lee Jung-jae is currently filming “Squid Game Season 2,” and his first directorial film, “Hunt,” is set to hit theaters in Japan on the 29th.

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